the new campaign for hemispheric seasonal awareness

This just in from Starbucks Gossip:

Starbucks has recently introduced the Pumpkin Spice range (latte and muffins) to New Zealand, complete with the requisite advertising etc. We're invited to enjoy the "warm comfort" of a Pumpkin Spice latte.

Great, except it's spring, and generally getting warmer by the day in the southern hemisphere.

Which caused me to imagine a Starbucks product group meeting in which guys in suits say things like:

"We predict our Pumpkin Spice line will warm hearts in New Zealand and create proactive synergistic profitability actualities."

"Hold on guys. Do they have pumpkins in New Zealand?"

"The guys from feasability are checking on that. But we ought to move quickly on this since it's already October."

"Do they have halloween in New Zealand?"


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