missing the big story of the day

I spent the day working on my next business article down in King of Prussia, PA. As a result I completely missed this story, which made my jaw drop.

The Amish have said they’d like some of the money to go to the family of the killer.

There was one bank account set up specifically for his family. In addition to that, the accountability committee, on behalf of the church leadership, has said that if there are needs beyond that fund, they want to make sure that some of the money that comes in designated for Nickel Mines victims [goes to the killer's family]. Nickel Mines victims include [that] family, in their definition.

Remember those discussions about grace? Well, it just got notched up a bit. Thanks to my pal Will for bringing this one.

Here's one additional highlight of the story,

Many of the hospitals caring for the girls have offered now to waive their bills.

One hospital contacted one of the [Amish] leaders saying that they would not be charging for services rendered. Other hospitals followed suit.

It's a contagion of grace!

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