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The fans in the stands urge him to switch to the other side. The wider world buzzes with the news of unreliability and network wonkiness. But he stands firm in his loyalty (foolishness?).

Meanwhile, the software guys apologize, and apologize.

...our apologies. We really regret these outages, which were a nuisance (or worse) to you. The past week’s performance was not representative of the kind of service we want to provide for you.

Here's my thing, though. The Blogger people, when they apologize, always sound so cavalier:

It was a dark and stormy night. The air was quiet. Too quiet. Yet stormy. Suddenly, a beep rang out from a bedside pager. The engineer woke up, grabbing a soda to sharpen his senses. Blogger was down. He needed to bring it back up.

When I get the chance to write my pulp story of a gritty Blogger engineer struggling to keep the site alive, I may look back on this past week as a prime source of choice dramatic fodder. Until then, I, like many of you, will look upon this past week with irritation, disappointment, and maybe even a bit of anger.

A little bit? Try "a fair amount." It's free, I know but despite that fact, there exists an expectation among users, one propagated by the blogger organization itself, that the service will work.

It’s been a Murphyesque cavalcade of power failures, fileserver trouble, and wonky network hardware, and I hope you’ll believe me when I say that the Blogger staff is even more sick of it than you are.

Oh, I doubt that.

Look guys and gals, my blog buddies are telling me to quit you. I don't want to, but you make it hard to stick around. Shouldn't it be the opposite? And forget about switching to the beta version, there's still too many holes in it to make it worth the headache.

For now, apology accepted, but you really must do something about this guys.

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