agree and disagree

Despite certain left leaning tendencies that I have, I have a few rightward prejudices too. I'm mixed up, but not as far as this goes.

I do not like the idea of stem cell research one little bit. Hey, watch Gattaca. You want to live in that kind of world? We can argue later about the supposed medical benefits and such. Really? I'm skeptical. The promise of this stuff is a long, long way off... if it ever comes. But the sad reality of genetic selection, that is knocking at our door even today.

On the other hand I have personally been acquainted with three people who have Parkinson's disease. And Michael J. Fox's on camera movements in that ad look exactly like those of all three of the people I have known. Exactly. If it was an act, it's certainly a good one, and he does have the disease after all. So how would one know?

Well, Rush knows. Like other idiots with media access, Rush knows everything. I've long thought that Rush Limbaugh was a moron. Now I know he's a moron as well as a jerk. I don't care what your politics are, Rush's histrionics are strictly low brow.

Hey R-dude, don't take it back, don't apologize, just shut the hell up! You are making me sick. Go join your friend Pat on planet stupid.

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