a rather ineffective euphemism

Tonight I went with my family to the incredibly lame halloween parade our town trots out every year. There is a lot to like about Pottstown, this is not one of those things.

After the parade my wife said, "It was better than last year," which may be the scariest thing I've heard this Halloween season.

The height of badness occurred about two thirds of the way through when one of three septic services companies drove their float by. The company was called A Honeydipper Septic Services. The float featured a guy dressed up as a bee, waving.

Skip ahead a few minutes. I'm talking with my friend Sissy and she tells me a story of a relative of hers who lived in Alaska for some years. They had a septic system throughout the town and referred to the truck that occasionally came to suck it out as a honeytruck. Euuggh. I never heard of such a thing, but after a few seconds with google, I now know that this is a common misnomer for a septic truck, as well as some other things too.

Yuck, okay. Just, just.... yuck. Honey Dipper is just way too close to honey dripper, and here I assume I need not go into the attendant imagery this similarity calls to mind. Man, we do come up with some whack vernacular in this language.

Okay, so back to the float. There was this guy on it dressed as a bee. I guess this would have to be a King Bee (because no woman in her right mind would agree to be Queen in this particular situation). He must have been the King because, as the truck passed by, I saw that he was seated on a... ummmm... throne.

So, you know, Happy Halloween or whatever.

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