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Have you ever heard of Veotag? I just did and it's kinda cool.

I was reading this article summarizing a panel discussion about advertising to young people. Host Guy Kawaski (check out his definition of a blogger in the title bar) used Veotag to upload the video. Here it is.

Notice the tag lineup on the right of the video. Click on any one of them and it goes to that point in the video just like chapters on a DVD. This is a case of the medium overwhleming the message. The "insights" in the panel discussion might be news if you've never met a young person before, but the video tagging was muy cool.

I've composed a grand total of zero videos, the lack of a camera being a significant barrier to entry. And I'm sure none of you wants to watch self-shot video of my hand stuffing mail into about 500 boxes. Though, come to think of it, the concept does have a certain minimalist je ne sais quoi.

But enough about me. The Veotag library is available for browsing, and they even have an editor's picks section, though most of the videos highlighted there require activex controls and come with a recommendation to "try viewing this page in Internet Explorer." Are they kidding?

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