almost forgot

With all the activity yesterday, it slipped my mind that I had only 7 days (now 6) before I am locked up for Jerry's Kids.

If you're of a mind to, click the link over at the right that says "Jim's MDA fundraiser page" (under the help raise my bail headline) to learn how you can help me out of 'jail.'

And heartfelt thanks to those of you who have done so already!



Eric said...

Dang, Jim...at this rate, you'll be locked up until after Michael Jackson's civil trial is over.

Hmm. Reckon there's room in that cell for two? They won't have TV there, will they?

Jim said...

Well, you know how it is with us hardened criminal types.

No, no TV. I'm bringing a book. I'm actually not going to be locked up that long. I'll only need to make hash-marks of minutes, not days.

(And if I can misquote Jesus, "I have donations to hand over that you know nothing about.")

Eric said...

Well, if a preacher can't misquote Jesus, who can?