there's nothing there

Hey! It was hot here in the East today. Got all the way up to 90 with corresponding humidity.

I put the air conditioners in their windows today (which reminds me, I still need to take care of the bedroom unit). We took the kids over to Rita's Water Ice after dinner. For those of you in the Western united states, where there are no Rita's, don't worry, you're not missing much. Imagine a Jones' soda shaken until there is no carbonation left and served right at the freezing point, so it's fruit-slush in a cup. If you like that, you'd love Rita's. They also have frozen custard, which I had. There were five of us and the trip cost me $12.60. Not as much as my citation breakfast from a few weeks back, but still painful.

Today I had all these good intentions. I was going to scan almost a full week of Obscure Store stories and NPR programming in hope of finding something to comment on. There was my plan to extend my coffee and writing narrative based on a comment I received in the last post. In Christianity Today, I found another interesting article by Andy Crouch (whose stuff usually doesn't resonate with me. Wonder if it's him changing or me?).

But... nah. I'm just chillin' (literally, with the AC air flow blowing right on me) in the living room. Guess I'll see if I can get through a few more pages of The Confusion. It is a great book, some are calling this trilogy a masterpiece, but whew; takes for-EVER.

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