my other brother darryl

Darryl Dash writes a blog called Dying Church (which is on my blogroll) and co-writes another, called DashHouse, with his wife.

Today on DashHouse he posted this list of Bonhoeffer's, adapted to the world of blogging. I found it amusing, convicting, and quite tasty. Hope you like it too.

I don't know if Darryl was prompted to post that list becuase of a troll who just wouldn't (won't) quit on one of his previous posts. (I'm not providing a link to that but you'll find it if you scroll down the main DashHouse page).

Zalm at From the Salmon picked up a troll on one of his posts too, a post I mentioned twice yesterday. In my opinion, both Zalm and Darryl are very gracious to let the troll comments remain on their sites. I think I might have removed them and posted my own fiery rationale in their place. But maybe that's because I'm Italian.

Or maybe that I'm simply a human being in need of mercy, sort of like you.

Bill and Ted said it: Be excellent to each other.

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zalm said...

I'll be an extremely lucky blogger if that's the worst comment I ever get.

She did lay into me a bit, in part for things that she's really upset with Sharlet over. But to be fair, I criticized the teaching of her church based on a few sentences in a BusinessWeek article, not on my own experience. So maybe I deserved some of it.

I've responded in what I hope is good faith, and if good conversation comes out of it, then all the better.

Her comment did, however, distract me from thinking more about your two previous posts. I think there are some good thoughts there, and I'll have to read them more carefully tomorrow.