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Julie Neidlinger's Lone Prairie blog is a regular read of mine, though I'm not sure she knows this. Well, I guess she does now. Anyway, this post is simply my way of putting her on ND Governor John Hoeven's permanent radar, per her request.

That is all.

Blessings, Julie.


Julie said...

Thank you for the link, and for reading my blog!

Jim said...

No prob. Thanks for having a cool blog.

You mentioned the floods of '97 in your post. The only two times I've been to North Dakota were both that summer. To Grand Forks to do flood relief. We mucked out, power washed, and sanitized 5 or 6 houses and most of the skin off our poor little hands. It was awesome.

I love both Dakotas (having visited the southern version a bunch of times).