coulda shoulda woulda

Just caught up with this story today. I listened wistfully.

I love Google. I use it many times a day, you probably do too. It was once a help to me in an hour of desparate need! More recently, I was looking for pictures of strawberries the so I hopped over to Google's image search and typed in the word. I don't know how many hundred pictures came up, way more than I could look at.

Last year, in the days before Google's stock went public, which is supposed to be a "quiet period," Playboy magazine announced it would publish an interview with the Google founders and this helped delay the IPO. But those two guys were all over the place that week, not just in Playboy. A day or so before the Playboy fiasco broke, I heard them in a joyfully geeky interview on NPR's Fresh Air. Of course, that story was a rerun from October '03. But Google was anything but quiet during the quiet period. And this was just one of the many unconventional aspects of their public offering. In the days followed the announcement of the delay, people were lining up to spread doom and gloom about Google. Hah! The stock is sitting at over three times its initial price today. The big question is whether to cash in or try to eeck out another day of capital gains.

I knew it would soar! As I listened to the news reports of impending disaster, I kept telling the radio that it would take off.

So... why didn't I buy a few shares? That's the real question. Doh!

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