First of all, thanks to you who donated to my bail. I was indeed released.

Though not before they dressed me up in prison garb and took my picture behind bars. That picture will not be posted here, the goofiness factor is just way too high.

Below is a picture of my ride to the jailhouse....

inside view....

and outside view...

I shot the photo while standing with my back against the main entrance of Red Lobster and could only get about 60% of the limo in the frame. But you can see the back end of another limo in the background.

Inside there was a mock jail cell, sight of the photo shoot, and a very courteous and friendly staff; one of whom sat with me at a table and took my money. Well, actually almost all of it was other people's money. There was food, though it was Red Lobster food and honestly, not all that great. And cell phones. They had a large array of phones which a few people were using to solicit more donations. I listened in as a fellow prisoner in the next booth successfully garnered almost $1,000 in pledges (that was before I lef... er, was released and he was still on the phone then).

During a momentary break between phone calls (he did need to breathe), an MDA employee asked him where he worked. He said he worked at Sears, in the appliance department. She said, "I'm never going into your store. You'd talk me into buying everything on the floor!" And this was a woman who raises funds for a living!

All in all, it was a positive experience. The MDA people were very nice and seemed genuinely grateful for even my paltry contribution to their worthwhile efforts.

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