the view from here

So, the other day I was searching the Fire Ant Gazette for posts about Eric's dog, Abbye. Every post that mentioned Abbye came up in the search and I clicked on one with an intriguing title. The post was Eric's salvo in a show me yours and I'll show you mine battle of the blogging spaces.

Both Eric's space and James Lileks' space looked kingly. And Denise's pics, which were included in an update, also revealed a spacious work area. The top picture, looking toward her shelves was positively inspiring. All those lovely books!

So, a year and three months later, wanting to show you all how the other half blogs, I have decided to post pictures of my space. Here is an over the shoulder view...

and here's a full frontal...

Impressed? I thought so.

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Eric said...

Funny you should stumble across that post, as I was just thinking that I needed to update it. I sold my previous "kingly" space and bought a nice frosted glass and steel replacement for less than 1/4 of what the huge wooden thing originally cost. And I like the new stuff better.

Jim said...

I was intrigued by the title, thinking maybe it had to do with Abbye more directly (I didn't read the abstract-- though I usually do, your abstracts are cool). I found it highly entertaining, especially the annotated version of JL's photo. That was a crackup.

Frosted glass and steel... you should post a new pic. It could be a new meme. I love a good meme.

Jim said...

Okay, color me stupid.

That's your annotated picture. Gee whiz, what happened to my gray matter?

Still a crackup, though.