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I gave upon Honeymoon With My Brother just a few minutes ago. I wish author Franz Wisner had worked a lot harder on improving his writing before offering up a whole book of it. Struggling through his sentences convinved me that I probably need to do the same with my own 185 page manuscript--but not before I submit that proposal (which, incidentally, I should be working on right now).

After skipping the rest of the honeymoon, I opened the book in the on-deck circle, The Gospel According to America and almost immediately found something to share with you:

To be neighborly is to practice a better politics than the politics of narrowly defined self-interest. The love-thy-neighbor stuff is a different way of being in the world and speaking to one another than is currently being practiced by the leadership of either major political party.
Here's hoping for a nice honeymoon with this book.

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zalm said...

I'm a chapter or two into Dark's book as well. I like it a lot so far, but I haven't made much time to really dig into it yet.

I'm glad you've resonated with my recent posts. I've been surprisingly popular today. Now I just need to figure out what to post next....

Hmmm... Maybe Mr. Dark will show me the way.