smells good

Sunday is my night to make dinner.

The grill is fired right now awaiting the pork chops which have been marinated in balsamic vinegar, lemon juice, extra virgin olive oil, fresh home grown rosemary and basil, and peppercorns (Penzey's four peppercorn blend).

The bread is homemade ciabatta loave-ettes. Paninis, we used to call them.

And also a salad with romain, radicchio, endive, cherry tomatoes, and cubanel peppers (not hot) topped with homemade croutons and some Pecorino shavings (I didn't make the bread but did make the spice blend that tops the toasted cubes).

Dinner's in 27 minutes if you can get here by then.

Update(8:00pm): I've been told I need to update this post. Apparently one of the cubanels had some heat to it. I taste tested all three of those things and didn't get so much as a tingle. My loved ones are soooo sensitive. And here's a picture...

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Eric said...

Here are two concepts you should consider: Fed Ex Next Day Delivery and an ice chest.

I'll send you the shipping address separately.

[Did I mention that I had leftover baked chicken and instant mashed potatoes for dinner? Not that I'm complaining, mind you.]

Jim said...

We'll probably be having leftover pork chops and day old croutons today.

Eric said...

day old croutons

Isn't that a redundancy?