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I'm typing this post only because I promised myself I would post every day. I didn't write anything yesterday and this day is almost over.

It has been one crazy week, even busier than last week. As if that were possible.

Today was kinda neat though.

We (meaning a good portion of the congregation) held a surprise party for Lorene, an 80 year old member of our church. She was surprised and thrilled. About 85 people attended the party. There was lots of food of course, this was a church function. Lorene lost her husband 18 months ago and we thought we'd never see her in church again. We were quite wrong. She has done more (with little more than her presence and time) since Jim's passing than almost any single member of our church. It was quite special to be able to say the things to her in person that are usually not spoken until the funeral. And I was able to pull together a snazzy power point presentation of photos new and (very) old which ran in a continuous loop throughout the proceedings.

Shortly after we surprised Lorene, I ran off to another party. This one was a 50th anniversary party for two people who recently rejoined our church after some 15 years away. My dear friend Liz, who suffers from MS but is finding her life even as she loses some of her ability to function, helped put it together. What Roger and Kay, the guests of honor, did not know was that they would be renewing their wedding vows during the party (the reason I was invited). They certainly were surprised.

How lovely.

Now, the surprises have been sprung, the vows reaffirmed, the speakers are fixed. My sermon is written. I'm going to bed.

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