movies and why I rarely go anymore

"...like so many other recent releases, the tale of the Caped Crusader failed to save the day, further cementing 2005 as the year of the missing moviegoer.

In an era when a pair of movie tickets can cost more than a DVD, and in a season when the films seem like sorry retreads of years past, consumers are leaving one of America's great pastimes."
The cost is the main thing for me. My trip to see the Sithhy movie two weeks ago nearly bankrupted me. Okay, not really. Still, I went to a matinee and paid $6.50 for a movie that took two hours of my life away and gave me very little in return. At current prices, it's just not worth the risk of (wasted) time, my most valuable asset.

"...the inescapable culprit may be second rate storytelling"

I've noticed a pronounced lack of movies that actually matter a whole heck of a lot (exception which proves the rule: LOTR trilogy). I have seen a few carefully chosen movies over the last couple of years, and those have not prompted much reflection. It may be because I'm changing, which is certainly true. But I also believe we are seeing a great deal of 'second rate storytelling,' even in widely heralded films such as "In America" which I found trite and manipulative (apologies to those of you who loved it. I understand why, but it left me cold).

You're absolutely right if you say, "Well, you could just choose not to go to the movies." Which is exactly what I'm doing. Apparently so are millions of other people. When the prices come down (or at least, when the average level of storytelling goes up) to the point where it's worth the trouble, I'll consider becoming a moviegoer again.

Pass of the $5 bucket of popcorn to: Obscure Store

Update: I took the quiz. I am Anakin.


Megan said...

I'm jealous of your $6.50 movies. The cheap movies here are $10 and if you want to see them on the IMAX, then it's $12. SoCal is so expensive. Grrr.

Jim said...

$10 for a matinee! That's heinous. I saw Return of the King on IMAX and felt ripped off at a price of $8 (also a matinee). I decided after that only to go to IMAX if it was an actual IMAX movie.

Eric said...

I was gonna express indignation over $6.50 as a matinee price! We're still paying just $5.50.

But, that's neither here nor there. Tell us, Jim, what are your top 10 favorite movies? Inquiring minds want to know.

steve. said...

i pity you all. here in the west burbs, $4 tuesdays with free popcorn included can't be beat.

Jim said...

$4 Tuesdays at Westwood. I remember it well.