Blogger launched photo uploading capabilities yesterday so I've decided to try it out.

Earlier, while still a bit groggy, I wrote about the poor bat. I mentioned our array of animals and thought you might like to see them all for yourself. You probably don't, but this is my blog so...

Fish, with reflection of a beautiful day in the tank.

At right, Tiny II. Don't ask what happened to
Tiny I.

Melody. This cat loves me, unfortuantely.

Fuzz. In self imposed exile after the infamous Bat Massacre.

And of course...

The inimitable Figalwicks. Bad back leg in the foreground. She's still gimpy but gettin' around pretty good nonetheless. The name? A youth group named her back in 1993 when we was a pup. We had a contest, and Figalwicks was the winning entry; we picked it because it sounded sort of Dickensian. And it was a lot better than some other entries such as Smudge, and Street Meat.


Eric said...

I suspect that Figalwicks and Abbye would get along famously. They could share vet stories.

Jim said...

I'll bet they could. I read some of your posts regarding Abbye's harrowing episode. Though I'm not sure Abbye was as harrowed as you. I feel your pain. That is I, er, felt when reading about it the pain you must have felt at the time. Yeah, that's it.

BTW, in reading a bunch (though not all) of the posts regarding Ab Fab, I didn't see a mention of what kind of dog she is. Is that a Gazette trade secret?

Eric said...

OK, here's the straight scoop: we have no idea. She's a shelter dog.

The vet thinks she's got some longhaired dachshund, and we're pretty sure she's part Welsh corgi (wide body). But, she's also got webbed toes, big feet (relative to her size) and a tongue that's mottled black and pink. We have no idea where those things come from.

She has the coat of a water dog (or did, until an apparent thyroid imbalance thinned it), with a fine layer of down next to her skin covered by that thick long hair (that doesn't shed).

And her feet sweat like you wouldn't believe.

Well, you did ask. Sort of.

Jim said...

Webbed feet... down... when she barks does it sound like "Aflac"?

Kidding aside, she is a cute pooch.

Eric said...

Kidding aside, she is a cute pooch.

We try to keep her from hearing things like that. She's already such a prima donna.

zalm said...

What little I'm able to see of Fuzz looks a lot like our eldest cat, Fenster. About the same shade of gray, anyhow.

Ours are indoor cats, so they don't get to do a whole lotta killing. Except for insects. They love to hunt insects.

Jim said...

Fuzz is a generic american shorthair, grey. She was a shelter cat and for years was really nasty. She's mellowed significantly and now actually purrs once in a while!

Fenster? I like that name. Is it a reference to the funk band?