it says, 'drink your ovaltine'

...or maybe gives the location of all those lost socks.

The title recalls moment of profound disappointment, and contact with cynical reality, in A Christmas Story (a beautiful movie).

What brings that quote to mind is this story on Kryptos, a sculpture/puzzle in a courtyard at the CIA. Three portions have been decoded, solutions are here; only one segment remains and the race is on. It may be up to you!

Dan Brown is said to be including Kryptos in his next novel (oooh! big deal).

More accessible puzzles will be referenced in the next post.


Eric said...

Love that post title! You should be the recipient of A Major Award.

Jim said...

My "empty recycle bin" sound is...

"The heavenly aroma still hung heavy in the house, but it was gone! All gone! No more turkey. No more turkey sandwiches..."

I'll post a picture of my major award sitting in my living room window.

Eric said...

I look forward to the, um, spectacle.