coming soon: ms sets the (sub)standard

Internet Explorer 7 is coming soon. I know you're delighted.

UPDATE: And widening the margin, in usability if not in number of users, Firefox 1.5 comes out later today, says Macworld via Yahoo.

I know some of you are still happily living in IE land. Some may even be, dare I say it, fans of explorer. Rest assured, Microsoft will certainly deliver another product that is overdue yet performs poorly while simultaneously looking awful and taking up too much space on your machine.

Here's what PCWorld has to say...

IE's changes are long overdue, and the browser remains a work in progress, with final code not slated until sometime in 2006. But as it stands, many of its new features still don't match functionality already present in the other browsers.

Read the entire 5 page article here.

So tell me again, why anyone would bother with it? Sentimentality perhaps. Some people enjoy it. Sort of like how some people still use casette tapes.

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