that's mr. real person consultant to you

From now on, you may think of me as the official SEO (that's Geek 2.0 for Search Engine Optimization) poster child. It's because I make it look so easy, you know.

How I do it is: I see a little something on the web telling me, for example, how to become an extrovert. Smartypants that I am, I decide to do an alternate post about how to become an introvert. But, and here's the trick, I title it "how to become a real person," since extoversion is completely overrated, as everyone knows. Well, okay, not everyone.

Somewhere down the line, some unknown websurfer does a search on google, titled "become a real person" and clicks the first item that comes up. Of course, he (or she) is disappointed to find my blog at the other end of that click, that goes without saying. But it's still one more hit for me, and because of Mr. (or Ms.) Unknown Searcher, and countless others like him (or her), I'm on top.

With tactics like this, it's no wonder my daily hit count is in the very high single digits!

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