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Update: Y'all are coming up with some good ones (in the comments). Keep at it. I'm not going to chime in yet as I don't want to unduly influence the recitation of ickyness.

Last night's post was titled "ick" and was inserted into the theology category which prompted questions from one commenter about ickiness and theology. I responded that there's a lot of ickiness in the bible and gave an example.

So then, we start sharing most icky biblical slayings and I think, "Hey this is a participatory, conversational medium here and I don't want the rest of you to feel left out." I also realize that a few of you know your bibles a little bit and could probably, wihout too much extra research messing up your Saturday, contribute your pick for the MIBS, that is, the...


Said slaying can be carried out by a human being, an angel, or the LORD himself (this is an equal opportunity award).Please leave your pick in the comments of this post and be sure and cite the approximate scripture reference so we can all look it up and say, "Eeeeewwww."

Here are the contributions so far from last night's ick post:

My pick is Jehu's slaying of Jezebel, though in fact it wasn't he who did the slaying but... well, read the prophecy here and the icky fulfillment here.

Eric picks Jael's display of camping skills.

Zalm goes for this bit of ickiness, also from Judges. The link goes to the NLT version because Zalm says it increases the ickiness factor. I have to agree.

So you're contributions are welcome and encouraged.

Anyone? Anyone?

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