how the other half gives thanks

Just doing a little non scientific fact checking. You can help.

**Too bad, it looks like yahoo took the story in question below out of their rotation as I was finishing this post, but you can still find it by following the link below.**

First, go to my yahoo (without signing in to your account, if you have one).

You should notice that the "today" box right below the "sign in to access..." contains one of four rotating stories. Eventually, a story about mail order thanksgiving meals should appear. Or you can click on the small text in the box that says, "Is Mail Order Thanksgiving Dinner..."

The lead in says:

(Yahoo! Finance) This year more than half of all Americans will mail-order their Thanksgiving spread. But will it taste good? We tested 5..

Now, I've read the article that appears when you follow the "more" link, but I don't see any mention of the amazing assertion that more than 50% of Americans will mail order thanksgiving dinner.

So, I want to know, gentle readers, am I missing out? Have I lost touch with American society so completely that I did not know that Thanksgiving is no longer Thanksgiving unless you have a Harry and David Cajun Style Boneless Stuffed Turkey delivered by Fed Ex?

Please verify, if you will, whether you are getting your Thanksgiving in the mail or not. I am in distress here, feeling so out of touch.

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