jim needs meme

Actually, that's the last thing I need, but Matt picked up on this meme that's spreading around the b'sphere like Kudzu on Jimmy Carter's back porch.

You type your name into google followed by "needs" and post the first ten hits.

For me, it's...

Jim Jannotti needs...

  1. serotoninrain (yes, I do)
  2. for young people to make a commitment to sexual purity (especially my own two girls!!)
  3. to get Paul Hartman, Jim Petro, Tim Pritchard,...
  4. music weed file directory (I always thought so).
  5. Upper Room|Devotional (no thanks, I already got one)
  6. network layer support for overlay networks (huh?)
  7. network layer support for overlay networks (I guess I REALLY need that)
  8. truth in justice's message board (truth is in short supply, as you know)
  9. bibliography (I think I need to get some books published first)
  10. **the tenth one made no sense at all so I'm taking the 11th**
  11. overcast reliable multicasting with an overlay network (alright! Criminy! I'll go out and get it tomorrow!)

Well, I feel better now. How about you?
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