it must be introvert season

I revisited my admttedly tongue in cheek thoughts on introversion/extroversion only yesterday.

Today, we learn that there's some scientific backup to the claim that introverts have more active brains (in other words, are smarter) than certain other types of people.

And! And! I was always told, though perhaps Nicole could say otherwise, that the Myers Briggs personality type indicator measured preferences, in other words that scoring as an introvert on the Myers Briggs test indicates a way one chooses to be in the world. I've always suspected that this was at least partial hogwash. Now I've been vindicated...

Introverted children enjoy the internal world of thoughts, feelings and fantasies, and there's a physiological reason for this. Researchers using brain scans have found introverts have more brain activity in general, and specifically in the frontal lobes.

Knew it!

Thanks to slashdot for the find. And no offense slashdot people, but your pages are in desperate need of a general redesign. Maybe you need to hire an introvert to think this through for you. I'm available.

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