today is world usability day

Here's an easy to access article at USA Today (which I found via Techdirt, via Findory).

End-users of the world unite! Oppose those products that come with an instruction manual, which...

"If it hasn't been written by geeks, it's been translated, verbatim, from Korean or Japanese. Too many gadgets pay scant attention to ease of use."

Today, this very day, is your day to stand up and be counted. That's right, it's...

the first World Usability Day by the Usability Professionals' Association (made up of product testers, designers and others). The aim: to promote "user-centered design and every user's responsibility to ask for things that work better."

The article offers a sampling of today's events around the country (it didn't mention what might be happening in other countries, I don't know why). Like this one...

At Michigan State University, real usability success stories will be displayed. Example: a Whirlpool washer that lets blind users speak commands to the machine

That's awesome. Is it okay to use it if you're sighted? Cause I might get me one of those.

The poster child for good usability, according to the article is, not surprisingly, this. I'm sure certain usability watchers will rejoice at the news.

"It really is hard to be easy,*"

*Keith Karn, Xerox. As quoted in the article.

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