open the box, pandora, let the tunes out.


That's my initial reaction to Pandora, relatively new web2.0-ware.

Pandora is a customizable radio station that builds a playlist based on your preferences. You can tell it what artists you like and it will pick music to play for you based on those choices. Furthermore, for every song played you can click on a "guide us" button and tell Pandora whether you liked it or not. It will then not play that particular song again while simultaneously noting your choice in refining your preferences.

Click once on the song icons in your Pandora window (which you can make smaller with one click) and vote for, purchase, or get other information on that song and artist.

And since this is web2.0 stuff, you can share your station and listen to others. Excellent. I'll email you mine if you like. Contact me at jvjannotti[at]gmail[dot]com if you wants it.

My chosen artists so far have been The Beatles (of course), U2, and Collective Soul. I've heard songs by Live, Neil Young, and the Beach Boys that I liked and Starman by David Bowie, which I didn't. Right now Peace of Mind by Blue Cheer is playing.

Check it out. It's ad supported, or you can subscribe and keep your Pandora ad free.

Thanks to Jake Tracey for the tip.

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