name that film quiz no. 1

Eric wins. How he managed to fast forward his DVD to all those quotes so quickly is a great mystery. The film is Silverado, starring such luminaries as Kevin Kline, Kevin Costner, Danny Glover, Jeff Golblum, and Rosanna Arquette. Next time it won't be so easy.

No, I don't know if there will be a No. 2, but it pays to be prepared.

In commemoration of nothing at all, here's the first serotoninrain film quiz. Ready?

It's easy, all you must do is guess the title of and name at least one star of the film indicated by the following quotes (it would be fun if you could name a star and match him or her to a quote below!). Winner gets a ton of respect. If this goes well I may resort to actual prizes.

Quotes from todays mystery film:


"You idiot, he's hit everything he's aimed at."

"I needed to get up anyway."

"You better watch your a**, or these guys'll shoot it off."

"Now we're gonna give you a fair trial, followed by a first rate hangin' "


Surely, you don't need more than that, do you?

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