he calls them copywrongs. i like that.

The quote below comes from an article at Raving Lunacy*. At first you may think it is just that, but read on please, if you have any interest in the written word or intellectual property, or rights pertaining thereto.

The Head Lemur, as his URL refers to him, begins with an observation that may sound somewhat Lyonsesque (this is not a post about that, as I promised):

There is a lot of debate surrounding the efforts of Google and Microsoft to scan the books of the world and make them available electronically. I say Scan Them All!

I say don't stop with what is sitting on the library shelves of the world, but start a World Wide Effort to get every scrap of information that resides on paper and make it electronic. Books, Magazines, Brochures, Handouts, Catalogues, and the entire output of every local copy shop on the planet. All those announcements about bake sales, rummage sales, and lost pet posters.

Keep reading because, unlike Lyons, Sir Lemur goes on to make sense. At least he does to me. If you don't think so then perhaps you will see this as an invitation to a long overdue discussion that we probably will still refuse to have, or, barring that, as a shot across the bow. We will need to have the talk someday however, so you might want to prepare yourself.

I can't possibly be the only one that remembers the late Keith Green making his albums (a long time ago, eh) available for whatever price one wanted to pay. That was a different world.

*Many thanks to Doc Searls for the fresh link. The good doctor linked my humble blog the other day. Much obliged, sir.

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