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So, we have no winner in this quiz, though Zalm and Eric did correctly identify Ron Perlman. Seems nature movies from the eighties aren't your thing. This highly recommended film and the answer to the quiz is The Bear (1988). Check out that cover photo. It is the story of an orphaned bear cub who befriends an adult male (played by Bart the Kodiak Bear). They are the stars of the film. The human actors are on screen for maybe twenty minutes total and there is very little in the way of dialog even then. The two Kodiaks carry the movie. It's a comedy, tear jerking drama and thriller all rolled into one.


Looks like I have a stumper here. Neither one of my readers could get it so here's a hint: The fact that the bonus question was about an actor who once played a beast was, in itself, a clue to the subject of the film.

Because that last post was so light hearted, I thought I'd moderate things with a bit of seriousness:

The serotoninrain Film Quiz #2

Try your hand at this. Answers in the comments. Yes, of course you could Google or IMDB the answer, but don't. okay? You'll just spoil the fun... I mean, the seriousness.

Here's your question:

The director is Jean-Jacques Annaud. The star's first name is Bart. The movie is....?

Bonus question for trivia experts(as if there were a prize or something): Annaud also directed Enemy At The Gates and The Name of the Rose. Both films feature a particular character actor who at one point in his career was in a rather beastly television series. Any guesses as to the offscreen identity of this person?

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